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    The wildest and most spectacular party in Catalonia returns, from May 29 to June 2, in the town of Berga. It is a unique traditional festival in the world, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. If you're looking for a family getaway, or with a group of friends, you can't miss this date with culture, history and emotions.
    Family holidays are an opportunity to strengthen bonds - we agree, right? But what if we consider the next family vacation as an opportunity to take it further, traveling into the past of our family history?
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    MICE tourism, or business tourism, is an important sector of the economy that encompasses all travel and stays for professional reasons, such as meetings, congresses, conferences or trade fairs. This type of tourism has a great economic impact, as it generates income for hotel companies, restaurants, transport and other sectors.
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    Ideas for organizing more sustainable events
    Have you ever thought about how you can organize more sustainable company events?
    In an environment that is increasingly aware of the need to protect the environment, companies and organizations are looking for sustainable options for holding their events.
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    The saying goes that "what is done on New Year's Day, is done all year". Now that it's almost time to say goodbye to the year, we start thinking about the famous list of resolutions.
    Christmas is a very special time for families: party, gathering and magic, lots of magic. We prepare to share special moments together, and reunite with relatives we don't see so often. But all these commitments can add pressure and stress, so planning a family getaway to nature is a good idea if you want to offer quality time to the core family.
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    Corporate events in rural settings are a growing trend, offering a unique and sustainable alternative to traditional venues. Hotel El Jou Nature stands out as an eco-friendly reference in the Pre-Pyrenees, providing an exceptional experience with a strong commitment to sustainability for conferences and corporate events.
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    Sustainable, responsible and zero footprint. This is how the business events of the future will be, and this is how they are already starting to be thanks to society's growing environmental awareness.
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    If you have children between 9 and 12 years old, you may have heard of the concept of "No return". In recent years, this expression has become popular to describe the transitional stage in which children leave childhood behind and become pre-adolescents.
    Discover a summer of family adventure in the middle of nature. Enjoy exciting activities and excursions near the Baells swamp and the majestic Pedraforca. Create unforgettable memories in a welcoming and familiar environment. Book now and experience unique moments this summer!
    Today we want to talk about how to establish these limits, how important it is that they exist and are very clear, and how to establish them in such a way that they are understood, reasoned and even agreed upon in the family sphere.
    Oh, the holidays... Thinking about them puts a smile on our faces... or doesn't everyone? After the first few days when it seems that we all appreciate being able to put the alarm clock aside, sometimes not having a series of defined routines can lead to some discomfort in some people.
    Whether you have just one child in your family or more than one, planning a family vacation is a real challenge, check out these tips when planning a family trip with teenagers
  • Fun family outings
    You googled a plan to go hiking as a family, to escape the city and the routine.
    You have the route, you know the departure time and the difficulty.
    You have thought about what and where you will have lunch.
    But take into account everything you may need, so that the departure is fun for everyone, and does not become an endless “When is it missing?”, “Are we there yet?
  • quality family time
    It's monday Or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... The alarm goes off and a race begins. tick tock "Let's have breakfast!" "Wow! Brush your teeth!” "Have you gotten dressed yet?" "Come on, we're late!"
  • The Jou Nature Blog
    There is an open social debate in relation to whether the use of new technologies, which include social networks , is positive or negative. There are indisputable elements in favor such as the fact that these new tools encourage the connection between people directly and quickly; making society more connected. Without forgetting the indisputable role they play in facilitating the sharing of information.
  • Easter and Summer in the family
    Did you know that spending time in nature with children encourages the development of more social, empathic, relational, verbal and abstract motor skills? And we're not just talking about the capabilities of the little ones in the house.
    For some time now, mental health in boys and girls is a hot topic today. The context of the COVID-19 pandemic has generated great concern about this issue. However, this situation has only revealed the tip of the iceberg of a problem that has been with us for a long time and to which neither the interest nor the necessary resources have been allocated.
  • alternatives to screens
    One of the issues that most concerns parents today is the exposure of their sons and daughters to screens. There is a fact that is clear and for which there is no debate: until the baby is two years old, he should not be exposed to screens since it can have risks in his development.
  • mushroom season at El Jou Nature
    Going to look for mushrooms is a good way to enjoy the forests in the company of family, friends and the charms of nature. In this article we give you the information you need to know to successfully plan your mycological route from our El Jou Nature hotel.
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    The Textile colonies of Llobregat are a journey through the Catalan industrial revolution that have left a heritage legacy of great value. In Berguedà we have a unique concentration of textile colonies that are preserved. Currently they can be visited, some are museums, they even make dramatized visits. We present them to you...
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    Did you know that in Berguedà there are two festivals that fall within this denomination?
    These are the Patum and the Fia-Faia. did you know her?
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    Did you know that there is a network of trails that has more than 2,000 km? With a selection of 40 circular routes and 6 crossings, this area has recovered old paths that guard their valuable heritage with suspicion.
    Although it seems that outdoor plans are more appropriate to carry out in summer when the good weather is good and the days seem to go on forever, we must not forget that there are other times of the year that are also very suitable for enjoying nature.

    Autumn for some means recollection, but it is also a time that is conceived as a phase of plenitude, beginning and regeneration. It begins between September 22 and 24 with the equinox that shares the same name.

    In this post, we are going to take a walk through this colorful season through 4 curiosities about autumn: Will you join us?
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    Did you know that Antoni Gaudí left an architectural legacy in Berguedà? What brought Gaudí to the Pre-Pyrenees? We explain it to you!
  • Les fonts del Llobregat
    Is there anything better than taking a break and disconnecting from your daily routine? Yes! Let yourself be seduced by the surroundings and get to know the special places that each destination has to offer.
  • Sustainable Hotel
    For several years now and with the pandemic in the middle, society has become increasingly aware of the importance of the environment and many have taken action to be an active part of its care.
  • The Bergueda
    Located in a privileged environment, we cannot be more proud of the location of our hotel. Here in Berguedà, a thousand possibilities to enjoy with the family! We show them to you!
  • Hotel with activities?
    How fast time passes, right? You don’t know how but just two days ago you were saying goodbye to the year and almost in the blink of an eye it’s time to think about summer vacation. What a moment! There are those who enjoy preparing for what is yet to come and savoring every detail to the fullest; so that nothing escapes him and everything comes out of his mouth. And it is that preparing a holiday can be like that moment before sleep, when you know that something good has yet to come.
  • FAMILIA vacances
    Of course, there are several times a year when everyone thinks about traveling and enjoying free time with family and friends: Easter and summer . Basically because they are times in the calendar when we have more free time. But what if we consider “deseasonalizing” those moments when we go on vacation? What if we planned a getaway to make the most of these occasions?
  •  Family activities to do with teenagers
    El context actual és la excusa perfecta per passar més temps amb els teus. Avui et proposem activitats per fer en família amb els teus fills adolescents.
  • El Jou Nature, Hotel familiar
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    Gaudim en família dels tresors de la tardor a l'hotel familiar El Jou Nature
  • Romanesque church
    Berguedà is a region full of nature but also of artistic history. With 11 pre-Romanesque and Romanesque churches, of which 5 are open to the public, it is a good time for cultural tourism with the family and for children to get to know first-hand part of our history.
  • Dinosaur Interpretation Center of Fumaya
    If you come to Berguedà, an essential visit is the Fumanya Dinosaur Interpretation Center. There an impressive paleontological site was discovered with more than 3,500 dinosaur footprints over 65 million years old, you cannot miss it!
  • Jou Nature obtains the Clean Site certificate from Bureau Veritas
    Our hotel has relied on the Bureau Veritas Clean Site certificate to reinforce the cleaning and disinfection protocols to reduce the risks derived from Covid-19 and ensure maximum security for all guests as well as the entire human team that works in the installations.
  • El Jou Nature and Catalonia Convention Bureau
    Congratulations to Hotel El Jou Nature. We are already part of a new family of the Catalonia Convention Bureau , formed by the main agents of business tourism in Catalonia
  • Enjoy the stars of Berguedà as a family
    El Jou Nature is the perfect hotel to enjoy the starry summer nights with your family, and if you are passionate about astronomy, our recommendation is to visit the Pedraforca Astronomical Center, just a 20-minute drive from our hotel. It has an astronomical telescope, a solar one, a digital planetarium and offers family activities.
  • Cadí-Moixeró i el Pedraforca Natural Park
    The so-called magic mountain, Pedraforca, is located within the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park area, and offers multiple options to enjoy according to the age, physical preparation and experience of each member of the family. From pleasant walks to first-class mountaineering, enjoy the mountains at your own pace!
  • Cercs Mines Museum next to El Jou Nature
    Only 5 minutes driving from El Jou Nature, you´ll get to Cercs Mine Museum, a true example of the true history of mining in that town.
  • The Baells Swamp
    Doing family activities is a great plan, but if we add a beautiful natural setting and the possibility of doing aquatic activities, the plan is already unbeatable! Swimming, kayaking, canoeing ... choose your aquatic option as a family.
  • Snow activity for the whole family
    Winter is coming and with it, the opportunity to enjoy snow activities as a family. If you want to have a 100% family-friendly experience perfect for snowshoeing, you'll love snowshoeing.
  • Quins són els avantatges de fer activitats amb nens a la natura?
    Doing activities with children in nature offers many opportunities to encourage their learning and autonomy. This fall, find out how it can help you build healthier family relationships.
  • El Jou Nature Energy Certificate
    We obtain the certificate of Respira Energia that accredits the use of CO2-free energy consumption and nuclear waste in El Jou Nature until April 2021. We bet on green energy!
  • family hiking in Berguedà
    Practicing hiking is within everyone's reach and allows you to enjoy, know and explore places in a calm way, savoring the path through its history and the lives of its people. In addition, walking together as a family will bring you closer to nature at your own pace!
  • MTB routes Bergueda
    The Berguedà region is one of the best areas for mountain bike routes with a wide variety of routes of different levels: from very demanding routes to very quiet walks. In this way, adults and children can enjoy the nature of this area of the Catalan territory.
  • Family yoga in El Jou Nature
    In El Jou Nature we offer you mats for individual use, free and on request, to practice yoga, Mindfulness or other relaxation sessions.
  • Horrorland-Park
    This Halloween Horrorland Park returns, the winner of the best Scream Park in Europe 2020, to make you enjoy truly terrifying experiences! Our hotel is only 5 km from the park in Cercs (Barcelona), stay with your group to continue having a great time.
  • local tourism
    El turisme de proximitat la millor manera de sortir de la ciutat i retrobar-nos amb el nostre territori, de manera Covid Friendly. T'animes a provar-ho?
  • familia planificando low
    Getting ready for a vacation or a family getaway can be fun and exciting, but it can also be a real challenge. Doing it with enough time guarantees us less stress, more excitement and turning the time to choose the destination into part of the adventure. Like the moment before the dream, in which it is intuited that something very good is about to come.
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