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Traveling with children, how to find the perfect hotel?

Monday, 07 February 2022
Getting ready for a vacation or a family getaway can be fun and exciting, but it can also be a real challenge. Doing it with enough time guarantees us less stress, more excitement and turning the time to choose the destination into part of the adventure. Like the moment before the dream, in which it is intuited that something very good is about to come.
Asking us a few basic questions will help us to make the right decisions step by step. How many days and when? , which will depend on family availability. On? One of the star issues. Choosing the destination among all the members of the family offers the opportunity to debate and involve both young and old.

What kind of accommodation? When we travel as a family , the type of accommodation is just as important as the destination we will be traveling to . Aspects such as the exteriors, the environment, the public to which the hotel is addressed and the services it offers us are very important and you do not have to choose lightly. An unforgettable vacation depends, in large part, on all of this!

And as the needs and tastes of each traveler are different, it makes perfect sense that the hotel offer specializes and offers a wide variety of types of accommodation to choose from.

Family * Friendly hotels are facilities created with the well-being and needs of children, young people and adults in mind.

Why is it important to choose accommodation suitable for family stays?
  • This type of accommodation, which was born with the clear aim of offering everything necessary to make a family's stay as satisfying as possible, with basic services to get it . From spacious spaces and versatile rooms; to the gastronomic aspect: something as important as snacks, or microwaves to heat the food of the little ones. Not to mention the extras that make everything flow perfectly: cots, high chairs, changing mats, bathtubs…
  • The activities and animations it offers are also focused on the whole family. Respecting the rhythm of the different ages, this type of accommodation offers options to perform both in the morning, in the afternoon and also at night. You can choose to do them both individually and as a family and participation is optional. At the head of these activities is a professional monitoring team ready to take care of both parents and children.
  • The atmosphere is conducive for the whole family to enjoy. The older ones relax and unwind, without being stressed in case there is another guest who may feel upset and the younger ones flow in an environment designed for them.
  • Share time and adventures with other children. During the holidays you meet many people with whom to share adventures and this time and holiday space. Many friendships are maintained over the years and why not, new getaways are even shared. It is much more likely to find families with boys and girls in such hotels; which makes them enjoy the company of new friendships.

The hotel El Jou Nature is one of the promoters and pioneers of the * Family * Friendly concept . Within its facilities it offers everything you need to be proud to be one of the leading hotels in this segment.

With a full range of popular amenities and a friendly, caring staff, it's no wonder guests keep returning to your hotel. family buffet with snack for children and multiple activities and entertainment! If you are planning a holiday (for Easter or for summer) or a getaway in the spring do not hesitate to enter the website where you can see all the promotions or if you prefer you can contact without obligation to find out more about the options * Family * Friendly.
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