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Prepare the mushroom season with El Jou Nature

Friday, 28 October 2022
Going to look for mushrooms is a good way to enjoy the forests in the company of family, friends and the charms of nature. In this article we give you the information you need to know to successfully plan your mycological route from our El Jou Nature hotel.
Going to look for mushrooms is a good way to enjoy the forests in the company of family, friends and the charms of nature. In this article we give you the information you need to know to successfully plan your mycological route from our El Jou Nature hotel .

If there is a region that identifies mushroom lovers, it is Berguedà, with a long mycological tradition and where you can find pinetells, ceps, moixernó, rovellons and llenegues . There are multiple routes of mushrooms in this area and they can be found throughout the year in different quantities and types, although the season par excellence for mushrooms is autumn.

Below we present 3 mushroom routes located next to our hotel El Jou Nature, explained by Marc Estévez Casabosch, one of the top experts.

A paved road surrounds the entire northern slope of Tossal de la Guàrdia. As we approach the northwest face of the mountain, between the houses of La Balma and Caselles, the slope softens and the forest becomes more accessible. The calcareous soils, dominant, acidify with the more humid fondaladas. The dominant tree layer is apparently pine, but in the undergrowth small beech trees appear and little by little they gain presence. Similarly, some remarkable beech stands out in some places. We find pinetells and camagrocs in abundance, and also rossinyols, llengües de bou and black llenegues, as well as múrgoles during the spring.
How to get:
Exit Eix del Llobregat through the Cercs exit. Just after leaving the C-16, you have to turn left and cross the axis over a raised bridge. An old road starts from there that will take you to Tossal de la Guàrdia. GPS coordinates: 42.140906, 1.845375

Located in the eastern sector of Fígols, the rocky outcrop of El Morral marks a turning point in this forest, which from this height of 1,200 meters loses slope and becomes more pleasant to explore on foot. Surrounded by humidity, the forest mass combines pine, beech and oak trees, in a vegetal mosaic that shows us beautiful during the autumn. The beeches and the trees allow the appearance of mushrooms such as the carlet and the rossinyol, while the presence of the pine is responsible for the fruiting of rovellons, pinetells and llenegues. It must be said that if the rovellons and the pinetells are your favourites, it is advisable to go up to the higher levels, looking for the domain of the pine forest.
How to get:
From the C-16, once you have passed Cercs, be careful not to miss a turning to the left that leads to Sant Corneli. GPS coordinates: 42.169908, 1.835507

THE FORESTS OF BROCÀ (Guardiola de Berguedà)
From Terradelles, we climb the Rotllan plains between meadows and fragments of pine trees. We continue arriving and leave Brocà behind, while we contemplate the land of the pine with the eyes of a lover of mycology. The forest landscape is a call to the collector, who enjoys finding pinetells, rovellons, fredolics and llenegues blanques, among others. The forest is sparser on the plains and the sunny side, on shallow land, but that does not detract from its potential. If we enter the humid parts, the pines thicken and allow the appearance of mushrooms with a more humid tendency such as camagrocs, crestes de gall or black fillegues.
How to get:
Between Guardiola de Berguedà and Bagà, going up the Eix del Llobregat, you will find the center of Terradellas. The Camí de Brocà will take you to the forests described in this route. GPS coordinates: 42.252187, 1.911081

Do you want to know more mushroom routes in Berguedà? Learn more about the types of mushrooms you will find there? If so, we recommend the new guide "Bolets en route" promoted by the mycologist and popularizer Marc Casabosh and the cartographer Carlos Navarro. The guide includes everything from a manual of good practices in the forest to an in-depth analysis of the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park, through exhaustive information on the Berguedà mushrooms and even ideas for cooking them when we return home.


Going to look for mushrooms can become an adventure in the forest when the little ones in the house participate . Playing they will learn to find mushrooms, but also to enjoy nature and respect it. Here are some tips to prepare the mushroom route with children :
  • PREPARE THE DEPARTURE TOGETHER: explain where you will go, how long you will be there, look at the weather forecast together... They will begin to live the experience before setting foot on the ground. Also see together photos of the mushrooms that you can find on the route and above all explain that you cannot even take the ones you do not know to avoid a scare with the poisonous ones.
  • LET THEM ENJOY LIKE CHILDREN: when they get to the forest, give them the freedom to explore in search of mushrooms and celebrate their encounters with them. Give clear safety guidelines according to their age, for example, that they cannot move away more than what allows them to maintain eye contact with the rest of the family.
  • BRING SOME VISUAL RESOURCE TO IDENTIFY MUSHROOMS: it can be a book, photographs, or previously made drawings. It will be of great help to you during your journey.
  • EXPLAIN HOW TO GET THE MUSHROOMS: to extract the mushrooms respecting nature and regeneration, and in case it is necessary to use a knife to extract them, an adult will always do it.
  • BRING THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT: it is important to wear suitable clothing and footwear for the mountains, a basket to collect mushrooms, and supplies of water and a snack in case you get hungry (fruit, dried fruit or cereal bars are a good option).


And if you prefer, in our Hotel you can enjoy an immersive autumnal experience, with activities and workshops for the whole family on
26/27 November

Live an immersive autumnal experience, and come and enjoy a 100% mushroom weekend with your family in the heart of Berguedà. Family mushroom workshop included. With nature tour and souvenir workshop!

Ideal for getaways with children. Family activities and special mushroom activities. With all meals included. From Saturday lunch to Sunday breakfast. Snack included for children.
  • Prepare the mushroom season with El Jou Nature
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