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La Baells reservoir: an ideal place for family water activities

Wednesday, 01 July 2020
Doing family activities is a great plan, but if we add a beautiful natural setting and the possibility of doing aquatic activities, the plan is already unbeatable! Swimming, kayaking, canoeing ... choose your aquatic option as a family.
Without a doubt, doing family activities and having free time to enjoy is already a plan. But if we also add as a stage a beautiful natural setting and the possibility of doing water activities, then the thing is unbeatable. And we cannot deny that water gives a lot of play and makes excursions and escapes take on a new dimension; and more, of course, in summer.

So the La Baells reservoir , which belongs to the Llobregat river as it passes through the Berguedá region, becomes a perfect alternative to spend a day on vacation. And it takes only 15 minutes driving from our hotel. 

But let's not run as much. Before starting the fun, we tell you some interesting information:

- This reservoir was inaugurated in 1976 and its objective was to collect the waters of the Llobregat river to supply Barcelona and its metropolitan area.
- The banks of the swamp are considered of interest for their flora and fauna. Carp, pike, trout can be caught in its waters ...
- It has become an important work of hydraulic engineering, with its extension of more than 300 hectares and its capacity for more than 100 cubic hectometers.
- Swimming is allowed in this reservoir.
- Right in the middle of the swamp is the monastery of Sant Salvador de la Vedella (the only remaining building of the old town with the same name that submerged the waters of the reservoir).

What can we do in the swamp of La Baells?

Stroll and enjoy the views:
If what we want is to delight in the beauty of the place, the viewpoint located in the Serrat de la Figuerassa is our ally. From there you can enjoy a panoramic view of Baix Berguedà and Bages.

Over the Llobregat river, the Gothic Pedret bridge and various recreational areas such as Font de Roure or Font Gran await us, spaces in which to rest and charge batteries.

You can also visit the Baells Dam Interpretation Center to get information about the reservoir and get spectacular views. To make this visit it is essential to book an appointment at the Museu de les Mines de Cercs, since it has restricted dates for visits and a maximum capacity of 30 people for each shift.

What better way to get to know the swamp than from within?
The best way to "soak up" (and never better said) the swamp is to navigate it. For this there are several alternatives:
  • By kayak: put on your life vest and ducks in the water! Quiet walks, races ... kayaks are a perfect option to enjoy with the family.
  • On a skate: The most daring will be able to cool off by jumping down the slides while they walk the reservoir and enjoy its turquoise waters.
  • Canoes and motor boats: As you can see, the possibilities are many. You just have to choose the one that most appeals to us or fits our family plan and ... enjoy!
You can get more information about the options for the aquatic activities of La Baells at the reception of our hotel.

Passengers to the train!
And after enjoying the water if what we want is to continue living adventures, the mining railway of the Mines de Cercs museum awaits us, in which you will travel directly to the 19th century. On the banks of the swamp is the town of Cercs, a colony born to house the miners who worked in the coal mines since 1911.

The visit includes activities of a total duration of approximately three hours.
  • Get to know the daily life of the neighborhood through the museum.
  • Put on your helmet and go inside the Sant Romà mine aboard the railway.
  • Knowing the exploitations of the Fumanya paleontological site , nothing more and nothing less than a land where titanosaurs walked. More than 3,000 dinosaur footprints are waiting for you!
In the La Baells swamp you can also practice rowing, archery and paintball. Does anyone give more?
  • La Baells reservoir: an ideal place for family water activities
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