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How do we set rules and boundaries with creatures?

Friday, 12 May 2023
Today we want to talk about how to establish these limits, how important it is that they exist and are very clear, and how to establish them in such a way that they are understood, reasoned and even agreed upon in the family sphere.
If we reflect as families, surely many of us will agree that motherhood and fatherhood is beautiful, enriching, a brutal experience, etc. Brutal, yes, in many ways, because when there are conflicts, we realize how difficult it is to manage them. That's why, whatever type of education you choose, and whatever type of family you are, you need to be very clear about how to set boundaries in the family nucleus.

Today we want to talk about how to establish these limits, how important it is that they exist and are very clear, and how to establish them in such a way that they are understood, reasoned and even agreed upon in the family sphere.

Setting appropriate boundaries is a fundamental part of parenting: your children need to know what is expected of them, what behavior is acceptable and what is not. If we set clear rules and boundaries, they will feel safe and protected. But why do all the leading voices in parenting agree on this point?

The benefits of setting clear boundaries and rules with your children:
  1. Encourages responsibility: When creatures have clear boundaries we are teaching them to be responsible for their actions. As they internalize and understand boundaries, they learn that their actions have consequences, which will help them in the process of making responsible decisions. A concrete example: we have explained to our children that in the family we do not want the walls of the house to be painted. If one of our children does this, we will explain to him that this behavior is not tolerable, and we will ask him to clean the wall.
  2. Helps prevent risky situations: Especially with the smallest creatures, it is necessary to establish very clear boundaries that protect their physical and emotional well-being. The sense of danger, for example, when climbing to a very high place, can vary greatly between people. But our goal as adults is always to ensure their safety: therefore, when faced with an initiative such as climbing a high and dangerous place, we can choose to decide that it is not acceptable for the child to climb there. Or make it very clear to him that he can only go up if he is able to go up and down again.
  3. Create a structured and safe environment: Setting clear expectations helps the creatures clearly understand what is right and what is not. Boundaries therefore help them know what is expected of them.
  4. Encourages respect: They need to learn to respect others' boundaries as well. Each person has different needs, and boundaries may also be different depending on the family or situation.
  5. Promotes self-control: Learning to control impulses and emotions, across boundaries, teaches creatures to stop and think, before acting.
And how can we do that, to decide what limits and rules we apply, to our family? Depending on how you are as adults, and how the children are, you will have to adapt your "list" of rules and limits. It doesn't matter if you are more of a positive discipline at home or based parenting on rewards and prizes: defining clear rules and boundaries will always help you improve the smooth functioning of the family, manage day-to-day life, and strengthen the connection and the healthy development of your children or adolescents.

And here's our personal suggestion: what if you consider taking a family getaway to reflect on the boundaries and rules you want to establish? At El Jou Nature you will find space and moments to live experiences as a family, and you can also have, the adults, moments to make your mental list of priorities, in terms of family rules and limits. Did you know that at Hotel El Jou Nature we have prepared escapes throughout the year , with thousands of themes and excuses? For Sant Jordi, for Easter, to pick mushrooms in autumn, or to welcome spring? Find your ideal moment now and come and enjoy, without limits, the fun for the whole family!
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