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UNESCO Heritage in Berguedà

Wednesday, 26 October 2022
Did you know that in Berguedà there are two festivals that fall within this denomination?
These are the Patum and the Fia-Faia. did you know her?
Many times when we think of UNESCO Heritage, physical places come to mind, whether they are related to the world of culture or nature. But there are also the so-called intangible heritages , which are the practices, expressions, knowledge or techniques transmitted by communities from generation to generation.

They are goods that are as fragile as they are important, since they play an important role in maintaining cultural diversity. And more so in recent decades, to deal with growing globalization. Understanding and learning about these heritages undoubtedly contributes to dialogue between cultures and respect for different ways of life.

These goods are born in the communities themselves and depend entirely on them; that they are passed down from generation to generation and shared with other cultures.

Did you know that in Berguedà there are two festivals that fall within this denomination?
It is about the Patum and the Fia-Faia

The Patum was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 and the Fia-Faia in 2015. Join us, we'll tell you little things about each of them!

The Patum | Berga |
Distance from El Jou Nature: 17 km

It is celebrated during Corpus Christi (between the end of May and the end of June) and comes from the ancient manifestations of popular medieval theater.

What does it consist of? They are representations that are made in the street and have a high citizen participation. The origin of this festival dates back more than 600 years and its protagonists are fire, music and comparsas.

The origin of the name comes from the noise made by the tabal , which is the crier of the festival: pa-tum, pa-tum… The tabal is one of the great protagonists of the Patum. He is the only one who participates in each and every one of the acts of the party. He presides and directs.

Without forgetting the comparsas . Giants, restless characters, animals, demons... there is something for all tastes.

If you dare to visit this emblematic festival, remember that you must dress and wear appropriate footwear to protect yourself from the fire: a long-sleeved shirt, a scarf and a hat, as well as resistant footwear. It is better to go without a backpack so that you do not bother in the crowds.

Baga | Distance from El Jou Nature: 13 km
Sant Julia de Cerdanyola | Distance from El Jou Nature 14 km

This festival takes place during Christmas and is a tradition of pre-Christian origin. It has been celebrated in the towns of Bagà and Sant Julià de Cerdanyola since the 14th century.

Where are you from? This festival of pagan origin takes place during the winter solstice and was intended to generate a collective prayer to stop the shortening of days.
What does it consist of? In burning some torches (the faies) at Christmas night, with the traditional "Toque de Oración". A bonfire is made on the Siti mountain at the place where the sun sets and from there the fire is transported to the town by a group of fallaires. When the bearers arrive, they share the fire with the rest of the fallaires, a magical moment accompanied by the chant: Fia-Faia, that our Lord was born in the paia.

The torches reach up to 4 meters in length and people sing and dance around a huge bonfire.

El Berguedà is a magical corner where magical things like these happen. At El Jou Nature we will be delighted to accommodate you so that you can rest after witnessing these centuries-old and emblematic traditions.
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