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Holidays with teenagers. An insurmountable family challenge?

Friday, 05 May 2023
Whether you have just one child in your family or more than one, planning a family vacation is a real challenge, check out these tips when planning a family trip with teenagers
How many times have we heard the phrase “small children, small problems; big kids, big problems”? If there are teenagers in your family, you may have encountered them, making this reflection. Adolescence is a period of great changes: physical, social, sexual, motivational... They are no longer children, but neither are they fully adults, and the search for their identity often involves moving away from the family, and the need to find spaces where you can reaffirm your own "I". So how do we go about planning a family vacation when there are teenagers on it? Today we offer you some tips that can help you consider holidays with teenagers.

Whether you have just one child in your family or more than one, planning family vacations is a real challenge when there are teenagers involved. Before doing so, you need to be aware of the teenagers' preferences and needs, and adapt the travel plan accordingly. You also need to consider whether these preferences can be balanced with the needs of younger children, if you have them, and suit the family time you are experiencing.

Tips when planning a family trip with teenagers:
  • Start talking to them, listen to their opinions and ideas. Remember that it is a stage in which denial tends to make an appearance, as a formula to reaffirm your identity. Involve them in decision-making and allow them to express their wishes - this does not mean that they will always be satisfied, but they will not feel that you are imposing your opinion.
  • Once you have reached a consensus, set clear expectations regarding behavior during the trip, and ground rules, such as: rest times, limits on the use of electronic devices, or the importance of respecting the other family members.
  • Since you won't always succeed in seducing them with your plan, negotiate what things will be possible during the trip: having a friend accompany you, being able to visit certain places, having time to socialize with other teenagers in the place you visit, etc.

Another factor to consider is the need for most teenagers to sleep late. Their circadian rhythm (a sort of internal biological clock) undergoes a temporal readjustment that often causes them to fall asleep later and therefore wake up later. Since they have to maintain an intense rhythm of studies and activities during the school year, they have the possibility of looking for a trip in which they can also satisfy this need to rest. If you plan to visit a city, for example, conflicts may arise, as the sleep patterns of various family members will create conflicts when organizing outings and visits.

On the other hand, although everything tends to be lazy during adolescence, the benefits of doing physical activity are very clear. Consider a proposal that combines their necessary rest, with fun stimuli that allow your son or daughter to move and lead a healthy life.
And finally, consider the need for socialization: if family vacations include the possibility of interacting with other teens, the experience is more likely to be positive for the whole family.

If you are looking for a destination that combines rest, leisure and time for all members of the family, we suggest a visit to Hotel El Jou Nature where, in addition to activities aimed at children, you will find proposals of adventure and leisure for the oldest in the house: flying bikes, roadbook, zumba, chained ziplines... The adventure of growing up can be very enriching in an environment where you can combine rest, contact with nature, carrying out adventure activities and quality family time. See you there!
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