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How to plan fun family trips?

Wednesday, 22 February 2023
You googled a plan to go hiking as a family, to escape the city and the routine.
You have the route, you know the departure time and the difficulty.
You have thought about what and where you will have lunch.
But take into account everything you may need, so that the departure is fun for everyone, and does not become an endless “When is it missing?”, “Are we there yet?
Hiking is a perfect way to enjoy nature and reconnect with family. But it is highly recommended to approach the excursion as a game. In this post we will provide you with some ideas so that you do not neglect everything you may need, and so that you have resources if the children's attitude is not the best for going hiking that day, but you want to keep the plan.

Before, however, think about whether you have taken into account the basics, for any family excursion:

· Make sure that the route you have in mind is suitable for the age and personality of your children. If they don't like walking very much, for example, adjust the length of the route.

Check the weather forecast before you go out. Pack comfortable clothes and shoes, and think it's best to dress in layers. Wrapping children up too much makes physical activity uncomfortable.

Consider bringing water for everyone, and something light to snack on. If you can take advantage of this lunchbox to introduce some surprise that your children like, such as dehydrated fruit or pieces of chocolate. These surprise elements can help you transform a moment of discomfort, during the excursion.

Don't neglect a small first aid kit: an arnica bar, in case there is an unexpected fall, a small wound disinfectant, plasters, mosquito repellent, sunscreen...

During the route, you can come up with some kind of game, to make the excursion more fun if at some point a "I'm bored" or "I'm tired!"

Consider bringing a cloth bag. It can be a resource to suggest to children that they collect leaves they find along the way. You can then observe them, and use them to make crafts.
  • Fun family outings
    Fun family outings
  • Fun family outings
    Fun family outings
  • Fun family outings
    Fun family outings
  • Fun family outings
    Fun family outings
  • Fun family outings
    Fun family outings
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