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Curiosities about autumn

Tuesday, 20 December 2022
Although it seems that outdoor plans are more appropriate to carry out in summer when the good weather is good and the days seem to go on forever, we must not forget that there are other times of the year that are also very suitable for enjoying nature.

Autumn for some means recollection, but it is also a time that is conceived as a phase of plenitude, beginning and regeneration. It begins between September 22 and 24 with the equinox that shares the same name.

In this post, we are going to take a walk through this colorful season through 4 curiosities about autumn: Will you join us?
Curiosities about autumn

At the moment when autumn gives its starting signal, the duration of the day and night are practically the same . From there, the nights will begin to last longer and longer (exactly 3 minutes longer each day), until reaching the longest night of the year (December 20-21). In fact, the term equinox comes from the Latin aequus, which means equal, and nox, which means night.

And as darkness increases in the northern hemisphere, the poles are dipping into opposite extremes. The North Pole enters a looooong night that lasts no more and no less than 6 months while the South Pole basks in sunlight for that period of time. 2. Although no one would say it, during the autumn the planet Earth gets closer to the sun. And then, you may wonder... why is it colder during that period? The explanation is that the Earth is slightly tilted and the seasons depend on this inclination, which affects how the sun's rays fall.

3. Did you know that deciduous trees lose their leaves during the fall due to decreased sunlight ? By not being able to do photosynthesis as many times as they would need, the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves is reduced; which causes first the change of color and later its fall.

The curious thing is that the red and yellow color is always in the leaves, only that at other times of the year these shades are "hidden" under the chlorophyll plant cells.

4. At this time geomagnetic storms are more frequent. According to NASA, these phenomena double their intensity in autumn. With them, the northern lights are also more intense.

5. The sky in autumn : The first full moon of this season is called "the harvest moon" , so called because the light of this full moon was what allowed the harvest days so typical of this autumn season to be extended until night. year.

Autumn is the best time to observe Venus, Jupiter and Saturn (better at dusk) and Mercury from October/November and Mercury from December (both at dawn).

As you can see, autumn is a magical time that does not leave you indifferent. In addition, there are privileged settings where this season seems to be experienced in an even more intense way. We are talking about the Pyrenees . In the Alt Berguedà area, where the El Jou Nature hotel is located, you can live to the fullest.

What autumn activities can be done near El Jou Nature?

1. Mushroom gathering . A highly recommended activity to practice as a family. The ideal is to be accompanied by an expert to know which ones are edible and which ones are not. Mycological tourism has more and more fans; that find in the autumn the key time for the increase of the rains.

2. Shall we take some photos? Although sometimes it seems impossible to capture the color palette that the autumn season offers, it is worth at least trying. We know that the best images are the ones we keep on our retinas, but we all like to have photographs to review and revise at other times of the year to remember the getaways.

Rain of leaves, a carpet of leaves, making an angel with arms and legs, drawing elements such as initials or hearts (for the most romantic ones) on the ground when separating the leaves... There are many fun options to do with the little ones.

3. Bellowing deer: Undoubtedly one of the most impressive spectacles that nature offers. Autumn is the time when you can see and hear the male deer fighting to get the group of females to the area. An experience for all the senses since you can also hear, in the silence of the forest, the bellow of this enormous animal.

The Berguedà forests is one of the 6 places where you can enjoy this captivating spectacle in Catalonia.

Contact us without obligation and we will be happy to advise you on your stay at our hotel so that you can enjoy autumn and its wonders in this privileged setting.
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