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Llobregat textile colonies

Wednesday, 26 October 2022
The Textile colonies of Llobregat are a journey through the Catalan industrial revolution that have left a heritage legacy of great value. In Berguedà we have a unique concentration of textile colonies that are preserved. Currently they can be visited, some are museums, they even make dramatized visits. We present them to you...
Until you visit a place you are not fully aware of the riches it contains. It is easy for the mind to always go straight to distractions and typical leisure activities such as the beach, the mountains... But if we are capable of looking further, we will discover other alternatives that will surely surprise and with which to enrich experiences and knowledge.

In this entry we will stop at the textile colonies of Alt Berguedà.

Did you know that the 18 colonies that make up the route along the Llobregat River is the largest concentration in the whole world?

We tell you curiosities about this tour:
  • It is an itinerary of 32 km.
  • It began to be built during the second half of the 19th century.
  • Of the 18 colonies, 14 of them are in l'Alt Berguedà and 5 of them are resources that can be visited.
  • It is an open-air history class with which to relive one of the industrialization processes in Catalonia.
  • Allows the opportunity to listen to the story told by its protagonists, now converted into proud guides.
  • Each colony has elements in common with each other but unique things that make them unique.

What spaces can be visited today?

Museum of the Vidal Colony:

This visit allows us to relive the recent past through an extensive walk through the school, the factory, the houses... Spaces common to all the neighborhoods that help to get to know this milestone of industrialization in the first person and that allow us to take a trip through the exciting time.

The first Saturday of the month at 11:00 there are dramatized visits.

Check prices and schedules here. Distance from El Jou Nature | 30km

The Tower of the Master of Viladomiu Nou:
It is a century-old building built between 1899 and 1902 as the residence of the family that owns the neighborhood. It is made of calcareous stone and is furnished. It consists of three floors.

You enter accompanied by the maid and the lady of the house; who explain in great detail the different rooms and give their particular vision of that splendid time.

Check prices and schedules here . Distance from El Jou Nature | 24km

The Church of the Colonia de Cal Pons:
Which is part of one of the most interesting textile colonies in Catalonia. It is a monumental neo-Gothic church well accompanied by a convent house for the nuns. It was founded by Josep Pons in 1875, promoter of the railway from Manresa to Berga.

Among the buildings that are preserved today, the director's chalet and two modernist towers stand out.

It is very well surrounded by a forest of oaks and cedars and a Romanesque garden, in addition to the characteristic houses.

Check prices and schedules here . Distance from El Jou Nature | 30km

House Teisidor Bassacs:
The Teixidor-Bassacs couple, born in Gironella and Berga, built a spinning and textile factory in 1886. They were the owners of this manor house that currently houses a museum dedicated to the history of the industrialization of Berguedà during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Undoubtedly, an exciting journey through the rural world, mining and the rail of this area.

Alexandra Soler i March was commissioned to build this residence that has a tower with historicist aesthetics and medieval touches.

Check prices and schedules here . Distance from El Jou Nature | 24km

Atmella de Merola Cultural Route:
It is the colony located further south in the Berguedà region, belonging to the municipality of Puig-reig.

It is the one that has had the most sociocultural strength. To highlight the guided tour offered by the testimonies that have lived in the first person those years of history.

Check prices and schedules here. Distance from El Jou Nature | 30km

If you want to get to know the route in an active way, you can do it by bike or by walking along the 32 km that make up this route. You just have to skirt the Llobregat river and follow the white and yellow markings of the PR-C144. The route begins at the Pedret Bridge and ends at Balsareny.

Would you like to know this historic proposal? The Jou Nature is very close.
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