New Year's menu

A menu prepared for this very special night to enjoy what is extraordinary.
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Coca bread with tomato and virgin oil
Assortment of local sausages
Variety of cheeses and their contrasts
Puff pastry spiral with olive oil, courgette and parmesan
New Year's Eve flavored and stuffed with cheeses with manara sauce
Potted meat croquettes
Clams dipped in sauce from a sea of minerals
Kale chips

· To continue ·
Mixed Escudella

· To finish ·
ADULTS: Beef with potato base and caramelized onions
CHILDREN: Crispy chicken dipped in lime and herbs

· sweet moment ·
Chocolate dome with Xixona cream surprise

·The essentials·
Lucky grapes + variety of nougat and wafers

· Wine cellar ·
white desire
black desire
Cava Brut Perelada
Water and soft drinks

*Indicative menu subject to change
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