New Year's Menu

A menu prepared for this special night to enjoy the extraordinary.
· To share ·
Coca bread with tomato and virgin oil
Assortment of local sausages
Variety of cheeses and their contrasts
Crispy Parmesan lollipop with seeds
New Year's Eve with a thousand leaves, filled with olive oil and tomato
Potted meat croquettes
Clams dipped in sauce from a sea of minerals
Kale chips

· To continue ·
Mixed Escudella

· To finish ·
ADULTS: Beef with potato base and caramelized onions
CHILDREN: Crispy chicken dipped in lime and herbs

· sweet moment ·
Sphere of nougat with a surprise of Xixona cream, crispy
of almonds and sautéed red fruits

·The essentials·
Lucky grapes + variety of nougat and wafers

· Wine cellar ·
white desire
black desire
Cava Brut Perelada
Water and soft drinks

*Indicative menu subject to change
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