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Le passage de l'enfance à la préadolescence, un petit grand saut

Tuesday, 11 July 2023
Si vous avez des enfants entre 9 et 12 ans, vous avez peut-être entendu parler du concept de "Non-retour". Ces dernières années, cette expression est devenue populaire pour décrire l'étape de transition au cours de laquelle les enfants quittent l'enfance et deviennent des préadolescents.
If you have children between 9 and 12 years old, you may have heard of the concept of "No return". In recent years, this expression has become popular to describe the transitional stage in which children leave childhood behind and become pre-adolescents. The concept of No Return refers to the fact that, once children enter this stage, there is no going back to the innocence and simplicity of childhood. It is a turning point in which they begin to experience significant changes in the physical, emotional and social spheres, and they get closer and closer to adolescence. Today we'll explore the changes that occur during this stage, offer some helpful tips to help families manage this time in a positive way, and talk about how the summer holidays are a great time to focus on this stage and live quality family moments.

What does the stage of No Return mean?

Physical, social and emotional changes: a flurry of new things defines the transition from childhood to preadolescence. Although these are not changes that happen overnight, facing this period of transition can be emotionally challenging for both children and their families.

Physically, they begin to experience accelerated growth, their bodies lengthen and take on more adult forms, and they may experience the development of secondary sexual characteristics. This change can be disconcerting for children as they are faced with a new body image and acceptance of physical changes.

In the social sphere, they begin to search for their place within the peer group, and change the way they relate to adults.

And on an emotional scale, children at this stage usually experience a great fluctuation of moods. They can go from joy to sadness, from enthusiasm to irritability, quickly. It is important for adults to understand that these emotional swings are normal and part of the no-return stage.

Advice for families with children in the No Return stage:

Each family is a world, and has its own resources to face the changes in life. But there are a number of tips that can help you integrate and face all the new features of this stage.
Open communication: Establishing open and honest communication with children is essential during this stage. Fostering trust and space for their concerns and emotions will help maintain a good relationship and face any challenges that may arise.
Set clear limits: It is important to set clear limits and rules for pre-adolescent children. These boundaries provide them with a sense of security and help them understand their roles and responsibilities as they become more independent.
Encourage autonomy: Encouraging children to make decisions and responsibilities appropriate for their age is essential at this stage. Giving them opportunities to develop autonomy and decision-making skills will help them grow and guide them into adolescence.
Maintain emotional support: Preadolescent children may experience insecurities and self-doubt. As a family, it's important to provide them with emotional support, listen empathetically, and help them develop positive self-esteem.

The summer holidays, a great time to make this life cycle change together

Summer is a moment of impasse between one year and another, and a perfect opportunity to be able to focus on all the changes that involve the transition from childhood to preadolescence. Finding spaces and scenarios where you can share the last memories of your childhood, and get closer to your pre-adolescent stage, is key. We mean to offer a safe environment, but where there is room for some freedom.

At the El Jou Nature Hotel, children can enjoy their holidays with their mothers and fathers, and begin to experience moments of independence, thanks to the safety of the environment, the accompaniment of monitors, and the contact with other children who are living the same stage. In addition, we have scheduled adventure activities, water activities in our man-made lake and entertainment sessions for dancing. Don't miss this 1 minute video !

Growing up is a great adventure! And at Hotel El Jou Nature we would very much like to accompany you on this stage.
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