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What are the benefits of doing activities with children in nature?

Friday, 26 November 2021
Doing activities with children in nature offers many opportunities to encourage their learning and autonomy. This fall, find out how it can help you build healthier family relationships.
That children connect with nature has long been advocated as a benefit to body and mind. A clear example is the physical exercise they do when they explore a natural environment, such as climbing trees, crouching to see the fauna and flora up close, picking up objects, building with branches, and so on. Enjoying this autumn with children in Berguedà is the ideal way to strengthen ties with the family and the world around them.

First of all, doing activities with children in nature stimulates the curiosity and autonomy of the little ones. Exploring a different environment such as Berguedà helps to work shyness and indecision in favor of greater security , and the natural environment poses new challenges and adventures.

And secondly, going on excursions together presents the perfect opportunity for parents and children to improve their communication. Spending family time in nature means finding a time to connect, to set aside the day to day and have fun together. In the long run, this means that both adults and children know each other better and, therefore, establish a stronger bond between them.

With all this in mind, El Jou Nature was born as a stage to build and work on this relationship. Each of the activities with children that we organize is led by expert monitors who offer personalized attention to families with the closest and most professional treatment. In addition, we have a wide variety of workshops designed to stimulate the various interests and strengths of each child : orienteering games, paleontology, costumes, wildlife observation, archery, kayaking, cooking, music , relaxation, etc.

The thematic activity of this autumn is the mushroom days . Through activities with children in nature, such as family excursions through the forest, from El Jou Nature we want to accompany you to explore the heart of Berguedà , the leaves dyed orange and red and meet first hand all kinds of mushrooms growing in this unique natural environment.

If you want to enjoy a unique getaway , don't miss this November's mushroom weekends at our boutique hotel, where we are waiting for you with a set of themed activities for the whole family. View details here and book your stay at El Jou Nature!

And for you, what activities with children in nature do you feel like doing this autumn?
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