• El Jou Nature, family friendly hotel
    El Jou Nature, family friendly hotel
Our clients say
Ángel Vázquez Gonzalez
Magical and wonderful place to spend a few days with the family and establish a perfect bond with nature. A hotel where no detail is missing and is decorated with excellent taste. A human team of 10 that makes you feel comfortable at every moment of the day. The friendliness of all the staff, the excellent and plentiful food, the perfect union between the monitors and the children, exceptional cleanliness, spacious and comfortable rooms, beautiful well-kept gardens. All this and all of them have made us spend a few days in harmony. Thanks. We'll be coming back.
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Aleix Fife
Privileged environment, perfect hotel for families, original and fun activities for children, monitors, staff and management of 10. In one year we have come three times. Keep it up!
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Jordi Mimó
Fantastic! Great location and surroundings, new facilities, clean, very well maintained and decorated. Varied, plentiful, very good and healthy meals. The staff of 11! Both those responsible for animations and those responsible for management, administration and services. A super team! We will return without hesitation. Thanks for everything.
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Jessica García Guillen
We went this Easter and the truth is that we left very happy. Everything went very well, both the attention received and the accommodation. We have been with a 5-year-old boy with disabilities and they have helped us with all his problems: both when it comes to eating (thanks to the waitress Raquel), to the activity monitors, who within the activities did their best because my son could participate, and also thanks to the director and the owners themselves. The truth is that we were delighted with the place and the staff. Many thanks to all.
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Rebeca García Alfaro
It's the second time I've visited El Jou Nature, and on both occasions they have more than met expectations. In addition to the natural and quiet environment surrounded by mountains and forests, the house is very cozy, with exquisite decoration, delicious food, with many options for vegans, intolerant, etc., ecological, sustainable, from km0. Best of all, the attention of all the staff. Without a doubt, I am already an assiduous customer. I'm back soon!
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Belen Santiago Fraguela
Beautiful hotel in an incomparable setting, ideal for relaxing and disconnecting or going with the children, as they have multiple activities both outdoors and indoors accompanied by monitors. The food is of high quality and exquisite, the facilities comfortable and very clean. Without a doubt, to repeat. We will definitely be back.
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Laura Pernas Santiago
Excellent food, lots of variety and very tasty. The staff very friendly and attentive. The rooms are very comfortable, clean and spacious. Overall a 10 hotel. It's very nice, comfortable and perfect for families. The activities for children and adults are great fun. An unforgettable experience.
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Marta Vázquez
Homemade and excellent food. The idyllic setting for rest and relaxation. The staff very friendly and attentive. The rooms are very comfortable and spacious. Overall, a perfect hotel for families, with activities for children and adults, very nice and welcoming.
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Profira Parau
It was the first time at Hotel El Jou and we will surely repeat. We stayed one night from September 8 to 9. We arrived at lunchtime and they already had our room ready for us to go in! A very well maintained hotel, clean and the room impeccable. Another point in favor is that you are already assigned your table for lunch during the entire stay. However, it must be taken into account that once you have finished eating, you must collect the dishes and take them to the basket where all the crockery of the diners is left. There are containers to dispose of food scraps (they compost). During meals, the monitors explain the activities that will be carried out after lunch. Very well organized, separated into two groups for young and old. Total entertainment. As for the place, very nice and quiet. It is worth going there and enjoying a good atmosphere and a quality stay.
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Abel Bruch
Annually, we have a gathering of cousins, approximately 50 people, this year at the Jou, and in 25 years it is without a doubt the best place we have found, where 4 generations can enjoy a common space for a weekend. Years ago it had been in the same place, but the change/reform made is spectacular:

-Rooms: spacious, comfortable, clean and with views of the well-maintained surroundings.
- Facilities: very complete: football field, swimming pool, zip lines, terrace, picnic area, adventure area, etc.
-Food (buffet): everything very good, healthy, etc.
-Activities: Very complete, for all ages, very well chosen, fun (#CampanadasMarisol) and complementing the meeting with 5 stars.
-The staff: the life and joy of the Hotel. Very good attention and young people eager to provide a very good service and attention so that you enjoy your stay. All this in an incredible place, isolated from everything, with views, tranquility and peace. See you soon!
PS: The only point of improvement: acoustics in the rooms and in the reserved dining room, and to have some "pet friendly" area, but that's to get 6 stars on Google :-)
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Josep C
We were there last summer, we went back this summer and we will surely do it again in the future. The location is in a fantastic place, the facilities taken care of down to the last detail (both the common areas of the hotel and the rooms), and very well attended at all times by any worker (reception, monitors, waiters, cleaning staff, etc.) and the delicious buffet, we kept surprising ourselves at every meal. The day-to-day organization is great for the whole family to have fun, spend time together and strengthen family ties. Also so that the children can socialize with each other and the adults have space to rest and disconnect (there are times for everything). Looking forward to participating in Marisol's Bingo again!!!
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Imagina Cosas Divertidas
They are one of those places that when you're there, you know it's special. It's not just the hotel, not even the environment that's wonderful, it's how they make you feel, pure magic. We are already looking forward to returning.
Room: Very spacious, clean and comfortable.
Activities: It is noticeable that they are dedicated to leisure, activities for the whole family with very pleasant instructors.
Food and drink: Very carefully prepared buffet food, you have a good variety of products from your own harvest or from nearby shops, a pass.
Highlights: I only put one but, we have a little way to go to go back more often.
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Ale F Z
Spectacular place, privileged environment, well-maintained facilities, with many details and taste. It is an environmentally sustainable project that is reflected in all aspects, from the food to the materials. If you add to that a very friendly staff, tireless and super professional instructors, and very new and fun activities for families, we can do nothing more than say that we will repeat for sure. I want to thank you for the wonderful week we've had. Thanks.
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Just park the car and you can already breathe a different air, one of tranquility, relaxation and fun for the whole family.

-The hotel is a marvel, every detail is taken care of to the maximum so that it is totally sustainable. The tastefully done decoration based on natural elements such as stone and wood stands out, the comfort of the rooms and the different multifunctional spaces make you enjoy the whole complex.
-The food, with exquisite flavors for both adults and children, is varied and made with natural and local products.
-The activities that are carried out throughout the day can be enjoyed by both children and adults, they are very fun, as well as new.
And most importantly, the staff. The animators are tireless and the rest of the staff always attentive and with a smile.
We will be back for sure! Thank you for an unforgettable experience.
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Kamelia Kaleva
Unbelievable! We will surely repeat! We knew about the place because my daughter went to camp there and it caught our attention how beautiful it was. We wanted to go there as a family to try the place out and we really loved everything about it! Activities for children and adults, exceptional food (although there was little variety for the little ones).
Rooms: Very comfortable and with everything you need. Comfortable beds.
Nearby activities: They do activities all day and there is also a very beautiful park in nature and a soccer field.
Safety: Very quiet and safe for children.
Food and drink: Everything homemade and very good! Ecological products.
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Melisa Fabregat García
We had a GREAT week! I have no words to explain the quality of the entire service offered: starting with the instructors, you are great, tireless, with exceptional motivation, well-organized, diverse, entertaining activities for all ages... The employees of the hotel, waiters, cleaning service, even the manager himself. Always with a smile, kind words, treat me like family. As for the meals, great quantity, variety and quality. We take a few kilos more with us... We leave with a huge sense of fulfillment from having had a PERFECT holiday. To remember (and repeat) all your life. A THOUSAND THANKS ❤️
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Ezekiel Raya
Amazing hotel, it was the best Easter holiday we have ever enjoyed, activities for children, terrace, chill-out for adults and all in the middle of a total nature environment. And for dessert, one of the things that has just convinced me is its care for the environment, let's go 10 out of 10.........
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Judit Benítez
A charming hotel. We spent the weekend with the whole family and enjoyed it very much. The beautiful surroundings, the exquisite food, all organic, and the large and comfortable rooms. It also has many different spaces and rooms that are very welcoming for socializing, resting, playing board games, having a drink, etc. In addition, the service is very good, friendly and attentive staff, and children's and family activities. In short, a hotel suitable for all ages. We will be back for sure!
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